Friday, December 18, 2009

tHe sUrpRiZe sAtuRdaY SaLE iS baCk!

     This December we've come to enjoy our "Surprize Saturday Sales" so much that we just have to have another one! And this one's even grander than the others!! One of our generous consigners donated this charming shabbied vintage dresser, and we are "paying it forward" and giving it away this weekend to one of our incredible customers. 

Here's the scoop:
     Just come into the store on Saturday December 19th, spend at least $20, and you'll get a ticket for every $20 you spend.  At the end of the day we'll draw out one of those tickets and, VOILA!, the dresser is a gift from us to one of you!

     And. . . giveaways at the top of every hour!  Be in the store when the clock strikes 12 and you just might win a little something IF you're on the right number. . . come in to play with us and take home a small prize!  Be sure to bring the kids (at least the older ones. . . grin * * * ). 

  Come have a little fun with us on Saturday. . . get away from the mall and into Abode, where you'll find unique gifts for everyone you care about!

Come on back

a unique holiday shopping experience awaits!  Check out our saturday giveaway . . .

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

tRasH To TrEAsuRE TueSday oN StuDiO 5!!!

abode was featured on 
ksl's studio 5 on 
tuesday december 15th!

missed it?  here's the link:

Monday, December 14, 2009

vintage christmas monday. . .

One of my favorite new websites is  The website and their books have opened up my mind to see a myriad of possibilities for use for what I used to see as useless items.  Now my driveway, garage, and basement are filled with hinges, springs, casters, door and lamp pieces, wooden planks, spindles, boxes, and furniture of all types, sizes and states of repair, and various and assorted junk.  My therapist (a.k.a. "paid friend") finally put her finger on it the other day -- I'm a hoarder (my, it took her a while to figure it out, bless her heart).

    This year, I decided to do something useful with my beautiful junk and decorate the tree with it!  (The kids don't like it much but personally I think it's quite lovely. . .).  So I donned the branches with cookie cutters, water faucet handles, hinges, various keyhole thingies, a blue oval what'sit? (snatched up from a junk box at an estate sale), and various other junky things not pictured.  On top of the tree I put a star roughly cut out from a cutter quilt and clothespinned to an old bedspring.  It was cheap, fun, unique, and all vintage.  
Happy "junky" holidays! . . .  cathie

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