Wednesday, January 04, 2012

A wish is a dream your heart makes when you're fast asleep

it's going to be the best year eva'

at abode we resolve to

light the shop brighter

dress you in the hottest vintage

curate even more one of a kind treasures

laugh and play


Someone else's eyes

I just got to see abode through someone else's eyes . . . check out Kate, mother of two, writer of prose, seeker of all things vintage!  She is adorable, fun and has a definite eye for fashion.  Her blog Hand Me Down Fashion will inspire you to shop local, vintage and handmade all year long.

Her post on abode will inspire you to jump in the car and come on down.  Thanks Kate, can't wait to see you again and meet your handsome men!

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Remember Simon?

Remember his "drawrings"?  He was a cheeky little monkey!

We held our own "drawring" here at abode and we have a winner . . . we want to make a spectacle but wait we must - the winner has been away for the holidays.

Suffice to say:

We have a WINNER!