Friday, June 11, 2010

got leftover supper - get on your Tupper @ MARKET!!

mother said to always remember 3 things:

1.  Wear clean underwear when you leave the house

2.  Don't make me chase you

3.  Lock in freshness!

check out these luscious colors you'll find at MARKET on June 19

Thursday, June 10, 2010

wOnDerFul WoRld oF WinDowS

Check out these windows - let's have a contest shall we?  What would you do with these windows?  Leave us a comment and we'll print'em, fold em and pick one at random - the winner will receive a $10 gift card for abode!   Windows, windows, windows . . . hmmmm (virtual chin scratch here)

Get your entries in by Tuesday 6/15 close of business.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Check out Cat's best of the best - vintage one of a kind, kitschy cool, super duper, you won't want to miss it kind of stuff!!

dress (your baby) for success

take a drinkie from mr winkie!

do you have Prince Albert in the can?

these might just make me like to do dishes!

what rhymes with window?

love the color, fear the item!!

Monday, June 07, 2010

june market premier babyggear

OK, I just can't contain my excitement about june's market!!!  here is a new vendor - check out her fun and funky creations.  You'll find her and much more at market on 6/19 . . . see you there!

Here is a little bit about the creator of babyggear:  "When my son was born I fell in love with all things small. As he grew I naturally kept looking for clothes and toys that fit our style. But alas I couldn't find it. So I made it.

babyGgear is just that my baby Gauge's gear. It started out small with a few tie onesies and a couple sock monsters but has evolved into a shop full of goodies for boys, girls, newborns, infants and toddlers. And my new line just for baby Mama's."