Friday, October 30, 2009

secret supper

for over 30 years my family has carried the tradition of a Halloween secret supper! What, you might ask, is a secret supper?

All come to dinner at my mom's house, some in costume, bearing food, drink or dessert. the secret is that no one can know what others are bringing . . .all is left to chance.

One year we had all desserts (OK, it sounds good but, not really), other years no dessert. Last year, newly married, I whipped up a truly horrifying and extremely HOT Indian meat dish - ick. Even the hot foodies in my family couldn't tolerate it. This year will be better but of course, I'm not telling what I'm bringing.

After dinner we present something halloweenie, a story, a song or a shy little wail (for those who don't want to be coerced into performing).


I dedicate this post to our dear friend Diane Nielson - she was one of the original secret supperers and now she watches us from on high - love and miss you Diane

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tea Time

kettle on? check.
chamomile tea bag ready? check.
honey bear out? check.
darling vintage tea cup and saucer?
time to head over to abode!!!

in british tea culture a lovely cup and saucer is a must!
(and i do agree that i feel like the queen
while sipping from one...pinky up of course)

not much of a tea fan?

don't worry,
you can still put these dainty treasures
to good use,
check out this simple diy project
courtesy of design sponge:

teacup candles!!

wouldn't these make a great gift?

i love projects that find new
uses for vintage goodies.

(click here for full instructions)

come see our selection
and be sure to bring your
english accents...
tea and crumpets anyone?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

STrIKe a PoSE & SAve 30%

It's fashion week at abode!

All clothing and accessories 30% off

We're talking VinTage here

Dress to impress - Audrey Hepburn, anyone?

Monday, October 26, 2009

abode style Unforgettable

Multi-talented hardly does justice to Sande. She is a designer, a memory maker, a cultivator an inspiration and a dear friend. Her blog is as delicious as her sense of style! Her home inspires memories and secrets of the past.

Her fusion of family and function makes her style Unforgettable!

What's your style?