Thursday, March 31, 2011

Repurposed Door Bookshelf

I know I've discussed the many uses of vintage doors with you before but I couldn't resist sharing this little goodie from Apartment Therapy. 

So this is what love feels like. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What's In Store Wednesday

Antique kid table and chairs.  Incredibly detailed and shabby chic!  $99 (SOLD!)

Perfect gift from the Easter bunny!

Vintage owl cookie jar $22.  Set of 4 owl candle holders $22.

Magnetic play theatre game $25.  Vintage film projector $24. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

LuCkY 200!!

courtesy of shabby blogs!

YIKES and spam salad - we have 200 blog followers!!!

Michelle is our 200th admirer and we are blushing with pride!

and just because we're those kinds of girls . . . 

Michelle gets a prize!

Thanks to all of our following faithful

Monday, March 28, 2011

There'll be NO Peeping Toms looking through this window...

Hey y' name is Jessica from 


and I absolutely LOVE abode...

I found this old window frame there a while back...

It was pretty beat up and had no glass....
but I knew I could ROCK it out

Had the Boo~Bear drill some holes at the bottom...

Sanded it all the glue and goop off...

And, of course, gave it a coat of spray paint...

Sanded it a little...
cuz y'all know I have to DISTRESS everything

Now for the fun part...
The memo board

I bought thick, black you can see I had some extra.

So I traced the window frame on the matting and then cut it with my rotary cutter.

Cut some craft batting to size and stapled it to the matting.

Next up ~ the fabric...

I cut the fabric to size (a little bigger than the board) and then folded it over...I started with a straight edge then the corner (and so on and so on)

To fold the corners, I simply folded the corner in like so....

And then folded it over like so...

And stapled it down...

{YES, that is my RED STAPLER}

The ribbon was next...

I started with an X 
{pinned them down at each corner}
and continued to lay ribbon out 6 inches apart
{pinning each piece down as I went}

After all the ribbon was laid out 
{you guessed it} 
I stapled it

{note that I stapled the ribbon from the front and then from the back}

Then I simply nailed it to the back of the window frame...

{ oh ya...and attached the knobs }

What do y'all think of my 
Old Window Frame turned Memo Board?

I kinda dig it

{ JeSsIcA }