Wednesday, September 30, 2009

knitting and kintting and knitting . . .

As the weather suddenly changed from sweat to swell, the urge to knit is irrepressible. I love to curl up in front of a good movie (or even a not-so-good one) and knit for hours. The fact that I rarely get to do that is a testament to the black wool scarf I have been knitting for my beloved since we were first friends. My thought was to knit with good wool and then felt, but alas, to felt and be left with a result bigger than a band-aid you have to quadruple the size of your project - ah, well, it will look grand with his snow-white hair someday.

Why this silly diatribe, you might ask? This piece inspired me as the perfect place to hide your knitting when the Queen comes to call! $40 is the perfect price for a knitter's dream and perhaps you will finish your projects much faster than I.

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