Friday, October 09, 2009

abode style "Ecclectic Retro"

What is style? It could be defined as "a comfortable and elegant mode of existence: living in style.
b. A mode of living"

One summer we talked about our home decor and how it expressed our personalities. We challenged each other to define our styles in 6 words or less.

Now it is time to share our personal styles with you! Jessica calls her style "Eclectic Retro", an apt name indeed for a hip collection of memories expressed so beautifully. She would tell you most of her treasures came from abode!!

What's your style?


LindaJan said...

Is this "our" Jessica's true Abode??? Wow, it's terrific, gal. I love the Abode way of Living, don't you???

thechoulespauls said...