Friday, October 16, 2009

abode style Linda's Kitchen Collectibles!

Linda de Azevedo Is a lovely, lively friend with a zest for life and a love for all things interesting! She shared her style with us:
"What I call my collection is "Linda's Kitchen Collectibles". I definitely love kitchens and items used in them and representing the decades of the 30s, 40s, and 50s. . I began buying things at yard sales and estate sales that reminded me of my childhood times spent in the kitchens of my Grandma Edith, my Gram Nell, and my mother, Joyce. I like the Hazel Atlas, Fire King, Primary Colors Pyrex-ware, Glasbake, Deco-ware canister sets, Bakelite utensils, Lu-Ray pastel kitchen dishes. I have a rather large collection of little girls' housekeeping toys from Wolverine Toy Co. This includes tin lithographed kitchen pieces, stoves, sinks, Hoosiers, hutches, and refrigerators. I have several sets in different scale sizes, plus the toy utensils to go with them. I love Homer Laughlin Fiestaware, and Bauer and Harlequin vintage platters and bowls, green and red-handle vintage kitchen utensils---eggbeaters are a favorite. Can't pass up "Bak-in" Pantry Ware by Crooksville, Hostess Ware by Pottery Guild, Universal Cambridge pitchers, and bowls. Vintage dish sets are amusing to use on a daily basis mixed in with your regular dishes. The vast variety of shapes, colors, materials, and uses create in me a feeling of whimsy and wonder, as well as a fond respect for the women who cooked and baked for their families in the kitchens of yesterday."

Very inspirational.
What's your style?


Kelly Ballard said...

Just adorable, Linda! I've checked out her pics on FLICKER. I LOVE that red cart.

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The Tews said...

Absolutely delicious! Linda's collectibles are as fabulous as she is - what a great kitchen!

LindaJan said...

Thanks for the great Blog entry for my cute kitchen stuff, Miriam! Thanks to the Tews and to Kelly for your nice compliments. fyi, Kelly the red and yellow cart is a little girls "Amsco Toys" grocery cart from the 50s. Dolly sits in the top and groceries go in the bottom!