Saturday, November 14, 2009

abode style Cozy Chic

One of the most delightful and talented ladies we know, Diana Camomile Peck has "the eye", we use that term for people who can beeline for the most awesome thing and incorporate it into their unique style! She actually lives the reuse lifestyle and makes fun and funky envelopes out of discarded magazines - she sells them at local shows an boutiques and they are in high demand!

Here are her style inspirations:

The vintage stools - amazing my daughter Mckenzie and I found at your amazing store ABODE - of course my favorite store for anything eclectic, unusual and one of a kind. They are perfect for my desk. The ribbon cupboard was originally dirty, old and white. I painted it and added the wooden dowels to hold my ribbon - love it! The amazing turquoise door I found on the side of the street during city clean up. What a find!! The hand painted coffee table was a dirty, old red table. I purchased it for $15.00. It was on it's way to the DI before I decided to freshen it up. Now I love it! And the chandelier was an old fence I found in my neighbors garbage. No I didn't dig for it, it was sitting right on top. I couldn't believe it when I saw it. The amazing glass insulators are from once again, my favorite store - ABODE!!

I find all of my inspiration from magazines since I look through so many of them from making envelopes. I have books that I have saved and glued pictures of ideas from years ago that I just know "someday - I am going to make that" will happen. The chandelier was from the book JunkMarket that I literally saw years ago. I was just waiting to find the fence piece. It was very heavy and aged and it had to be the perfect fence with the scalloped edge.

Thanks to Diana for giving us a peek into her cozy chic style.
What's your style?

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Diana Camomile Peck said...

Thanks Abode for spotlighting me:) And I just have to say... I obviously love the word "amazing!"