Monday, November 30, 2009

vintage christmas monday

Joan at the delightful Anything Goes Here is hosting "Vintage Christmas Monday". . . and naturally here at Abode, where drool leaks from the corners of our mouths whenever we hear the word "vintage," we simply had to participate. This week we're sharing just a few items we have for sale in the store right now that fit into the vintage Christmas genre. . . we range from a Reader's Digest Mrs. Claus to a 50's felt-and-sequin-apron to styrofoam anything to beer bottle wise men (to be featured next week. . . betcha can't wait!).

One thing all these vintage decorations have in common is that they are all hand-made. When I was a child my favorite Christmas decoration was one hand-made by my mother. At a time in our little family's life when there wasn't much money for store-bought decorations, Mom skillfully fashioned a construction paper town to tape on the front window year after year. All the little houses surrounded by paper snowdrifts mesmerized me. After a while the houses faded from the bright winter sun, but they still held their charm.

Here's to all the hand-made Christmas decorations we have loved. . . .


Joan@anthinggoeshere said...

Hello and good morning. I am continuing my rounds of visiting everyone! Love, love, love the tree skirt. My mom was a minimalist and we had a white sheet for a tree skirt. This would have been so much MORE fun!

Some luck customer will have it soon! Thanks for being a part of Vintage Christmas Monday! xo Joan

Gypsy Fish said...

My mom has the matching tree skirt to your's been encirling our tree every year forever..well, at least as far back as my 44 yrs will let me remember. Happy VCM!
{{gypsy hugs}}