Monday, December 07, 2009

Vintage Christmas Monday

As a child at Christmas time I was happiest while lying on the floor, listening toRobert Shaw and His Orchestra or the MoTabs on the stereo, and gazing up at the shiny glass ornaments on the tree. I had my favorites, like the dainty little teapots, one red and one blue. The bells, of course. The pine cones,
because they had glitter. And the big silver balls with the red and blue stripes. They weren't all that pretty but I guess I liked them because they were bigger than my hand. I would lie there on the itchy carpet for hours, dreaming about what was in the boxes, what Santa would bring, and about life.

I thought I'd share a few ways I'm decorating with my vintage glass ornaments this year, since I doubt they will make their way onto the tree. My kids are pretty picky about keeping the same ornaments on the tree year after year - must be a tradition or something - and my "new/old" baubles just don't fit the bill. . .
gee, Mom, how dense ARE you??? That big glass "bowl" is actually a huge vintage light fixture. . . .

And, as promised, here are the Beer Bottle Wise Men! Hmmm, must be "no deposit no return" with those sequins glued to their tummies and feet.

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Joan@anthinggoeshere said...

There they are! The famous beer bottle wise men as promised!

I remember staring at my grandma's tree for hours. Her ornaments were more interesting than ours. I have them NOW! xo Joan, your hostess