Friday, March 05, 2010

My inspirations

For someone so young, Jordan is a complex mix of dream and drama!  She creates the most beautiful jewelry pieces from forgotten bits and then weaves a small tale about the conception of the piece.  Her talent in writing is only rivaled by her flair for glamour and grace.

Here is a peek into her world:

I love junk and antiques and I make jewelry on my other shop at opulentoddities I love weird and unusual things. Or over the top gaudy things. Anything connected to a memory. Anything from a gold bridge that has fallen out, lorgnettes, rhinestone ANYTHING, hardware, clock pieces, doll parts, feathers, hair, lockets, pretty much anything I can put on a necklace, I'll do it. Anyway, I been buying out estates and junk lots and I just had so much junk and I tried flea marketing, but a lot of it I thought other artists like me could use, and I know better than to throw anything out. So I opened my second shop etsy, Decadence and Decay. And honestly, the stuff in my decadenceanddecay shop isn't even the best junk I have. I keep the best of the junk to use in my jewelry.

Hahah, I CANNOT think of anything else to write right now. Anything you can think of, please ask me!

Check her out on etsy and see if she inspires you in the same fashion!

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