Sunday, May 30, 2010

My great-grandmother's bureau

My great-grandmother was quite a woman!  Very strong-willed and opinionated, she was a staunch Democrat, a Physician's wife, a prominent woman in Bountiful Utah, a mother of six (four of whom lived to adulthood), She raised my mother from the age of eleven.  She died when I was six.

I recall a spotless house, a cocker spaniel by the name of Blondie, a parrot called Peter, a large, beautiful bungalow with a magical basement with a summer kitchen, a garden arbor, a garden swing and a garage attic full of wonders.

I used to lie in bed with her (she was frail and bedridden with a heart condition towards the end), and talk her leg off (imagine that!).  My mother tells me she adored me and used to give me little dresses and books.

Saturday we sold her dresser - my aunt brought it in for consignment and it was a bitter sweet parting.  It was a beautiful piece of furniture in the style of "blond waterfall and had been painted brown but it still retained Bakelite and brass handles and the stunning raised detail of the day.

So often, a customer will ask, what do you know about this piece, as they contemplate a purchase and so often I don't know much, but Barb, you have a piece of history now, a piece of our family and a piece of our hearts!

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Kelly Ballard said...

Great story. That is one of the joys of having a vintage shop; finding new homes for treasured items. I'm certain the new owners of your G-ma's bureau will cherish it.

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