Thursday, June 17, 2010

c'mon, chant with me "MARKET MARKET MARKET!!"

remember that time when you painted your lips (and teeth and fingers) with your mamma's raving red lipstick?  The one that came in a gold tube that you had to push the waxy red goodness that smelled like powder up with a lever.  Remember looking at yourself in the tiny compact mirror, one eye and then the other.  Carefully selecting the right necklace and earrings to wear with your dress ups was an art, not a science . . . don't want those clip ons to pinch too much and if the screw backs were too large for small ear lobes you would put them above the little cartilage ledge for anchor.

that's just the way you'll feel when you comb through Rebecca's mountain of jewelry at MARKET!  Hurry and save me from myself before I buy it all . . .

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