Thursday, June 24, 2010

cute, darling and adorable

I dream that one day I would have a real-life designer come into my life and breathe new life into my funny old house.  Freshen up the colors, make it look more spacious by moving the sad old sofas and drench us in the hot hip colors.  Our house will be so divine we will squabble no more, look perfect when we wake and be able to abide our funny old house for many more years to come! 

(sigh) it is a dream for now but when I look at Kirsten Krason's inspirational design ideas at 6th Street Design School I see a dream into action!  She is fresh, brave and thoughtful in her style - you should check her out and also see what she wrote about abode . . .

Thanks Kirsten, this is the start of a beautiful friendship

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