Wednesday, September 29, 2010

skeleton keys: fun, funky, functional

probably maybe at least once a day a customer will approach me and ask with furrowed brow:  now what in the heck would someone do with THIS?!

they say this while holding up some random item such as a vintage meat cleaver, an old car part, or a jar full of antique oven handles. 

i invariably reply with an old go-to of grown ups everywhere:  use your imagination!

so we at abode thought it might perhaps be kind of a little fun to do a blog post every now and then showing all our lovely readers how to use some of the random items hanging around abode.  this week we're focusing on a fun one:  skeleton keys!

via design sponge i found this adorable idea; by simply painting an empty frame and several keys a bold fun color and adding a complimentary wallpaper back, you can create a funky one of a kind piece of artwork. 

love this look?  you can get all the pieces to make your own at abode today!

we have:  empty frames, skeleton keys, and books of vintage ethan allen wallpaper!

do come in and visit us soon, and don't be afraid to ask:  what do i do with THIS?
perhaps you'll see a post about it next week!

peace and love,

amanda lynn

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