Thursday, December 30, 2010

A ballerina's bedroom.

I recently sat down and watched a documentary on the famous ballerina Margot Fonteyn and was completely inspired by her life.  I could not stop dreaming about her as a child growing up in Shanghai as little Margaret Hookham determined to be a Prima Ballerina. It all seems so fancy. 

So, today's post is in honor of the beautiful Margot, and any other little girl with big dreams.  I composed a short list of things found at Abode that would go just perfectly in the bedroom of such a little one.  Enjoy. 

At $99 this beautiful bust is one of our pricier items but worth every penny!  Look at all the details!

Vintage floral hat boxes are a simple storage solution in a child's bedroom.

Oh hi lamp.  I love you.  (This shade is made by a local artist.  Double oo-la-la points.)
This set of candle holders with matching mirror is only $49!
And here is a clip from the documentary, just because:

"One just loved her from the moment she came on stage to the moment of her last curtain call."

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