Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas done right

When I issued the challenge to myself to buy only local, hand made or secondhand for Christmas this year I had no idea what I was taking on!  What an adventure this has been, searching for ways to support our local economy while coming up with gifts that would be welcome and appreciated (no, I didn't even consider whipping up fruitcakes for all.)

As you know Mr. Abode's robe has been a concern from the beginning and I found a fun flannel fabric at Pine Needles fabric shop in Gardener Village, also these frilly fabric pens for stockings.  Fabulous candy creations from Sweet Aftons and stocking stuff for my sister from Anastasia's Attic.  The cherry on top being a vintage Huckleberry Hound lamp in hot and handsome orange for my just started college nephew - found at Aunt Elsie's - it is truly funk-a-liscious and I even managed to find a small local family shop (Fox's) to ship it for me.  They were kind and sweet and gave me and Huck the kind of TLC you will never encounter at Fed Ex, they are now my new shipping boyfriends and we all know how valuable that can be!

Finding gift cards locally was as simple as a trip to Harmons and Zions Bank has those o so nice Visa cards.

Overall I rate my experience inimitable - a 10 - yes, it took a lot of creativity and a bit of sheen on the upper lip (sweat, for those playing at home) but I met fun people, shopped funky places and found fabulous functional gifts, all while never standing in line, having a shopping cart roll over my toes or giving the one-gun-salute to that kid who stole my parking place!

Now, I fall on the sword . . . I had to cheat and buy a robe pattern for Mr Abode from JoAnn's Fabrics, o, how I tried to find that perfect thing on etsy and in the quilty shops, alas, no cigar. . . can you ever forgive me?

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