Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Bird cage baby shower.

 While hunting for some creative baby shower ideas I found these ridiculously fun pictures on the social secretary and now I'm obsessed with the idea of using a bird cage as part of a table-scape. 

I own a pretty little bird cage that I've filled with candles but maybe I'll have to work it into the forest themed baby shower I'm throwing later this year.

If you love this idea you should stop by the store and check out our plethora of bird cages.  They're fun, funky, and can be totally functional!


karlee said...

you and I should join forces.. I've thought of this as well.. I have the bird cages to proove it.

abode said...

Oh KJ my dear, we should join forces for a million reasons. We have so many ideas and we just absolutely lack the follow through. ha . Sewing date soon?! I think I just found the love of my life via a vintage sewing desk at Abode. Basically we need to be working on projects and selling them at the store!