Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Girls Night In.

I'm dreaming of the night when I can go out to dinner with my friends and not be so weighed down with winter layers that I look like a marshmallow.  So, I decided to host a little girls night in where we can dream of summer and wear little cocktail dresses and I'll blast the heat so high we'll feel like we're in Jamaica. 

If you like this idea than you'll love our vintage cocktail dresses.  Perfect for a night out or a fancy night in. 

I'll put some Pink Martini on the record player and make some delicious appetizers like these crab cakes from Paula Deen.  Yum. 

Here's to hoping the groundhog was spot on this year. 


Holly said...

What a FAB blog! This post stole my heart...vintage cocktail dresses - the best! I used to have some to dress up in when I was little and did not really appreciate them - oh how I wish I had them now! I ama new follower.
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abode said...

Thanks Holly! I totally wish I could go back in time and hold on to more stuff too! Costume jewelry and maybe some of my grandmother's dishware....sigh.