Wednesday, May 16, 2012

flea 4 all and The Dr's Barn

flea 4 all
may 19th is the date
abode is the place

My great-grandparents lived in a big craftsman bungalow in Bountiful.  Grandma was a no-nonsense woman who spoke her mind and took no prisoners when it came to Grandpa, who she called "The Dr.".  Yes, he was a Dr. but calling him that, really?  He was a big red-head who loved my mom, being a physician, farming and collecting stuff, (I knew it was genetic).

He had a garage they called the barn and it was one of those places you could climb some wiggly wooden stairs and go on a hunt of epic proportions - think Jumanji meets National Treasure with a little Chuckie mixed in just to keep it lively.  We spent hours fluffing dust bunnies and screaming about spiders as we rooted through years of accumulation.

OK, I know you are rolling your eyes after this diatribe but I really do have a point . . . this market vendor will present a stash that could rival the barn!  Look at that plaid garment bag . . .come and see her Saturday!

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