Thursday, June 12, 2014

It's a MAD MAD MAD MAD world!

Hey there Abode-ers.  I'm so excited that Miriam wanted to team up with me on this post.  I'm recently coming off a series on Mad Men style, so this post is really my piece de resistance on the subject.  Without further ado….
It's officially summer- what are you doing?
We know that summertime typically means lazy days at the pool- lots of glamping, reading on the porch, and BBQ.  But just because you are spending a whole lotta time outside doesn't mean your inside needs to suffer.  Another thing to think about is- it is officially yard sale season.  What better time to plan the changes you are going to make come back-to-school time than mid summer when you can get great deals!

It appears that we just can’t get enough of those things born from mid 50’s to late 70’s.  The colors, design, and lines are taking over in a big way.   As with anything- a plan will save you time and money.  Here are some great ways to incorporate today's trends with mid century flare.

 “”Different perspectives open up scope for diversity in living spaces.”
That really sums up what I think makes this mid century so popular right now.  We are looking for simplicity, diversity, form and function.  By looking backward and taking cues, we are finding that delicate balance.
There are a few approaches-

A lot of black and white, big graphic patterns bring a sophisticated look to your space.  Strong contrasts with monochrome accents and high gloss finishes take precedent here. The silhouettes of minimalist designs seem almost intangible. Modern ideas of interior design integrate lighting as elements in the architecture.

Mid Century Chrome Lamp
Original Here

Mid Century Floor Lighting
Original here

Mid Century Bold Living and Patterns
 Courtesy of: HP Sweet Apt

Not long ago, we took our cues from our friends across the sea to the west of us.  We were enraptured with the history, the mysticism, and the legacy they brought.  We loved kanji symbolism, Tao’s and let us not forget Feng Shui.  Today’s look is marrying our culture with Asian influence in material and finish.  We see bamboo flooring, paper lanterns, and sleek lines.  Traditional techniques are combined with modern design to create products with an unmistakeable character.

Original here

In an eclectic turn of events, we are mixing things up in a bigger, bolder way.  Throwing caution to the wind and embracing color, materials and traditional techniques from different cultures to yield an  unexpected treatment in avant-garde designs.
Organic Home Decor Mixing the elements
Original here

By combining the elements of glass, wood, metal, wool, and bamboo, you can create a perfect balance simply by being imperfect in your selection.  Choose things that draw you in.  They don’t always make sense, but those are the pieces you will talk about...always.

Let it be organic.  Opt for muted colors with lots of light.  Oft times when I think mid century- the images my mind conjures are those of heavy dark draperies, gold gilded frames, bold contrasting wall paper- all things of weight.  IF you remember ANYTHING from this post- remember to lighten it up!!!
Choose understated, unobtrusive decor that accents your existing things.  pull in whites, creams, light greys.  Find those things that remind you of your garden, and go with them.  Mid Century here can be defined in the lines of your furniture.  Choose a 60’s office desk as a TV stand, find sectionals that sit low, and offer very geometric angles.  

As always- a palette is step one- always.  
Pantone recently published their fall color list.  I think you can see WHAT’s inspiring the creatives at Pantone....
Mid Century 2014 Spring Pantone Color Report
Original here

The adventure doesn’t stop here.  

We are pinning our inspiration to THIS board.  Find it, like it, comment.  And then send us your pics-we’d love to see what inspires you!
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Thanks again for joining me here, and thanks to Miriam and the girls at Abode for consistently offering me lots of inspiration!  

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