Friday, October 30, 2009

secret supper

for over 30 years my family has carried the tradition of a Halloween secret supper! What, you might ask, is a secret supper?

All come to dinner at my mom's house, some in costume, bearing food, drink or dessert. the secret is that no one can know what others are bringing . . .all is left to chance.

One year we had all desserts (OK, it sounds good but, not really), other years no dessert. Last year, newly married, I whipped up a truly horrifying and extremely HOT Indian meat dish - ick. Even the hot foodies in my family couldn't tolerate it. This year will be better but of course, I'm not telling what I'm bringing.

After dinner we present something halloweenie, a story, a song or a shy little wail (for those who don't want to be coerced into performing).


I dedicate this post to our dear friend Diane Nielson - she was one of the original secret supperers and now she watches us from on high - love and miss you Diane


The Tews said...

I think this is such a fun tradition and have always loved hearing your stories about it - can't wait to hear what everyone brings this year!

mjscox said...

Love this tradition, thanks for sharing!