Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tea Time

kettle on? check.
chamomile tea bag ready? check.
honey bear out? check.
darling vintage tea cup and saucer?
time to head over to abode!!!

in british tea culture a lovely cup and saucer is a must!
(and i do agree that i feel like the queen
while sipping from one...pinky up of course)

not much of a tea fan?

don't worry,
you can still put these dainty treasures
to good use,
check out this simple diy project
courtesy of design sponge:

teacup candles!!

wouldn't these make a great gift?

i love projects that find new
uses for vintage goodies.

(click here for full instructions)

come see our selection
and be sure to bring your
english accents...
tea and crumpets anyone?

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