Sunday, January 17, 2010

cRaZY LoVe

It's always a thrill when a couple asks us to be a part of their beginning!  We have hosted many photo shoots both inside and out, (there is something about that turquoise exterior . . .), rented props for the wedding and reception, sold vintage hankies and jewelry for bridesmaid gifts and to adorn the bridal gown, and advised couples on where they can find that piece that will make their day unique.

Ashley is one of our favorite customers and very talented!  When she brought her sister and fiance to abode for their photo shoot, naturally we were excited. 

Here is the result of her work (be sure to turn on your speakers)

Think of Ashley for your next special occasion


Anonymous said...

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Linda de Azevedo said...

Congratulations to the engaged couple and their cleverness in starting off their nuptials by checking out how cool it is to live the second-hand lifestyle, by having their engagement photos taken at Abode! May your life together be happy and very cool!