Thursday, January 21, 2010

LOvE Me TeNDer

For those of you who know me - you know that I waited 48 years to find the love of my life!  Venkat and I married in June of 2008.  He is an excellent husband and works hard to make my life easier everyday.

Every morning he runs outside and scrapes the snow/ice from the windows of my car (even if he is in his coat and a bath towel - oo la la!) - that is a HUGE sacrifice for him - he is south Indian and craves the hot weather.


Kelly Ballard said...

Hi Miriam,
It's a wonderful thing to find the love of your life! I'm so very happy for you!

Second Hand Chicks

mjscox said...

Oh, Merm, you are my hero for sharing your love story to get us started! And I love how your eyes sparkle whenever you see your beloved. . . . My story will be here soon, Cat

Kelly Ballard said...

Hi again, Miriam,

I was so inspired by your post on your sweet husband, I posted one of my own. Check out my Poopsie on
I truly could not have my shop without him!
Second Hand Chicks

Linda de Azevedo said...

Congratulations on finding each other! I love your description of Venkat getting your car driveable for you in the freezing mornings! What a Gem! True Love, what could be Grander?