Thursday, June 10, 2010

wOnDerFul WoRld oF WinDowS

Check out these windows - let's have a contest shall we?  What would you do with these windows?  Leave us a comment and we'll print'em, fold em and pick one at random - the winner will receive a $10 gift card for abode!   Windows, windows, windows . . . hmmmm (virtual chin scratch here)

Get your entries in by Tuesday 6/15 close of business.


The Tews said...

I do believe this was one of my interview questions when I applied at Simply Home! :)
Well, let's see - I currently have two windows (both from Abode) up in my house now - one is a long rectangular window and it has hooks below it and serves as a coat rack in the entryway, the other is a tiny cupboard window that is on the wall in our bedroom simply as decor because I think it is adorable.
I would like to get a 12 pane window and when we have a kid I want to take a picture of he/she each month in the same spot and then put the pictures in each of the panes. Awwwww...

Kelly Ballard said...

Use the old windows to build a chicken coop!

Second Hand CHicks

Meadows Market said...

I love re-furb-ing old windows! I would paint the frames turquoise, etch the glass with a design and our last name, then I would put it on our ledge by the window in the stairs. I would also like to paint a window frame and glass all one color (like tangerine) and use it to display my clothing/jewelry at craft shows and farmers' markets. Thanks for the chance!!!

Meadows Market

Mary said...

I would grow lettuce in the darkest of winter days. Ummm like yesterday it's been so darn cold! I just saw the article in the Catalyst. Merm I've thought of you often it's Leslie from Master Gardeners. I'm so glad to hear of you beautiful store! We'll be down to visit soon.