Friday, July 16, 2010

adorable adornments

Kiersten doesn't just model these beautiful pieces, she makes them as well!  Doesn't she just exude the glamour girls of the 1940s?  We are honored to have as a new vendor at MARKET.  Check out her creativity!

"In 2008, Kiersten’s headbands started as a simple collection of raw

materials. With her unique taste, she has always been attracted to
simple, vintage elegance so that summer in Kansas, she began to build her collection from buttons, doilies, and bits of ribbon. In February of 2009 her designers’ eye began to turn her collection into the tangible art you see today.

Since her first headband, she has been designing and creating beautiful vintage pieces out of everything from antique hats to bingo pieces. Her love of her craft can be seen in every piece."

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