Tuesday, July 06, 2010

pack a lunch - this could take a while!

my beloved and I snuck (sneaked??) off for a quick get away last weekend . . . Jackson Hole, Teton Village and Yellowstone.  On the way we passed a HUGE building with those two words that mean so much - second hand - of course I screamed STOP!!!

Now, some of you might feel like abode is a little, well, should we say, snug?  A lot of cool stuff packed into our groovy space . . . but you have never seen a place like this.  Literally rooms and rooms of stuff to look at (and buy of course).  Vada Smith is an extraordinary lady and we became fast friends.  She packed a box of goodies for me to bring to abode and sell.  If you find yourself in Afton Wyoming you simply must pay her a visit - 656 Washington


Kelly Ballard said...

Looks like my kind of place!

Second Hand Chicks

Christa Pirl said...

Yes, while it might be a nightmare to some...looks like heaven to me!

Aaron [air] said...

incredible & my family is in wyoming so I just may stop in sometime!

The Tews said...

WOW! What a treasure trove. Nate and I may need to take road trip.