Monday, January 17, 2011

green shag?

When I was at BYU (yes, I graduated from THAT school, don't hold it against me OK?), I lived in a quaint looking little house called "Korner Kottage".

Yep, let your imagination run wild when words that typically start with a C do so with a K!

This place was a melange of hideousness, from the green shag carpet to the burlap curtains (OK, ladies, burlap was NOT a style statement in 1986).  Once while lounging on the floor watching the forbidden MTV, I happened upon an ancient Brussels sprout - that says it all!  And the sofa was so long that a roommate stored all of her shot guns and hunting rifles underneath end to end!

Casa de bad taste - don't let this happen to you . . . too bad we didn't have a shop like abode that sold fun funky household treats at fabulous prices and offered a student discount for this entire week.  We'll be dedicating this week to dolling up your dorm, prettying up your pad and artfully arranging your apartment.

C'mon down with your student ID and load up and get 25% off your entire purchase!*

Swedish student housing
*discount to be applied to items not already marked on sale and cannot be combined with any other discounts

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