Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Love story giveaway

When I was home for the holidays my grandparents captivated me with stories of the beginning of their relationship.  My grandma says that she begrudgingly went on their first date wearing curlers in her hair only because she owed her friend a favor.  My grandpa says that she used to wander around the docks trolling for sailors with a mattress strapped to her back...I think I believe my grandma. 

Regardless of how it all began, the best part of the story for me was when my grandpa talked about the moment he knew he wanted to marry my grandma.  He had just been released from the navy and was back in Southern California.  He purchased a 1952 Oldsmobile and was driving through the San Diego hills when Johnny Cash's Walk the Line came on the radio.  It was the first time he had ever heard the new Cash single and he immediately started thinking of my grandmother in Boston and how she kept him on his toes.  He drove across country and proposed to her...the rest is history. 

My grandpa holding his great grandson.  All because two people fell in love.
In honor of Valentines Day Abode is asking you to share your love stories with us!  The readers of the blog will vote for their favorite story and the winner will receive a $100 gift certificate for a romantic Valentines dinner at a hot local restaurant! Sooo fancy! 

The rules: no purchase is necessary but you must stop by the store to drop off your story in order to qualify!   A story alone is beautiful, but if you have photos or love letters or even video we can display online it will make your chances of winning even better!  You are more than welcome to tweet, facebook, or blog about the event to get people to vote.  In fact, we encourage it!  Bringing me treats while I'm at the store will not greaten your chances of winning but is still encouraged.  HAVE FUN!

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