Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Message in a bottle

MAGIC MYSTERY HAND (black) real animal part taxidermy jewelry charm

I distinctly recall the eye staring back at me as the accordion partition closed each afternoon.  It was a soft blue with a large black pupil and I would get out of the bed and pad around the room ducking up and down as the eye followed me.  "Go to sleep", said Mrs. Michelle as she tapped her broom on the bottom step.  I sat on the bed and watched the particles rise, swim and settle.  Eventually, I would sleep and when I woke Uva would be sitting on the other bed, shoes off, all arms, legs and perspiration.  He would tousle my hair and tell me not to touch the eye, "it's real, you know, from a deer my dad shot".

I would think about the one-eyed deer and wonder if he wore a patch over his eye like me.

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