Monday, September 17, 2012

So he cut off his ear to spite his face!

Often abode girls go the extra mile, (literally).  The day the construction worker burst in the door and shouted, "he's on the run!"  Jessica and he took up the chase running after a high school kid and his friends who had helped themselves to a print of Van Gough's sunflowers from our outdoor display.  They ran fast and they ran far and finally they caught up and asked him why?  Because he wanted it - Jess smacked him upside the head and said he could have pulled weeds, washed windows scrubbed toilets to earn it.

Oh, Vincent, did you ever dream you would inspire such action?

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The Tews said...

That was so crazy! (and really funny now that I think about it!) The poor kid was so shocked that I actually chased him. Can't blame him for wanting some Vincent in his life right? :)